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We’d like to thank you for stopping by Culley Enviro’s new and improved website. We’re the mold testing experts in Texas, focusing on mold problems in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex and the greater Houston area. If you have a black mold problem or are experiencing problems with breathing in a particular space, we’re here to provide mold inspection and remediation.

Mold can be incredibly detrimental to a person’s way of life, whether the mold is at home, in an office, or elsewhere. Here are the ways in which we can help.

Mold Inspections

The state of Texas is serious when it comes to mold inspections, as it’s one of the few states that requires someone to be licensed to perform mold inspections. We’re proud to say that we’re licensed to perform mold assessments and inspections, mold testing, and mold remediation. A typical home inspection will take approximately an hour, though larger buildings will take longer.

Mold inspection is probably more involved than you might think. If you reasonably sure that you know where the mold problem is, the inspector will certainly take a look and take samples for testing. But people are often unsure of the source of their allergies, which leaves it up to the certified mold inspector to see if it is indeed the mold causing their cough, runny nose, itchy eyes, sneezing, or breathing problem.

Mold inspectors will move throughout the building looking for signs of mold in obvious and not-so-obvious places. They will also ask about the history of the building and if there were any water leaks within the past few years. A leak that was professionally cleaned up is much less likely to cause mold to grow than a leak that was taken care of by the property owner.

Mold Evaluations

If you are a landlord or building manager in any capacity, it’s a good idea to get an official mold evaluation performed. Doing so can not only make your rentable space more attractive to potential tenants, but it can also protect you from lawsuits down the road.

Culley Enviro can perform a certified mold inspection so that you can be sure you don’t have mold that could harm the tenants. If mold is found, you’ll then be able to deal with it.

Mold Remediation

Texas does not allow the same company to perform both the mold inspection and the mold removal. If you have verified that you have mold with a mold inspection from another company, we’re more than happy to perform your mold removal for you. We have the knowhow and the equipment to get rid of the mold so that it doesn’t return, making your building a safer place.

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Mold isn’t the only thing in the air that can make people sick. There are many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can make their way into a home, and these can cause breathing problems much like those experienced with black mold.

VOC come from the breakdown and dissipation of various items throughout the house. It can come from long-term items in the house such as varnish, furniture, or paints. But they also make their way in via household cleaning products, cosmetics, degreasers. and hobby products such as glue. Culley Enviro can perform an indoor air quality test to help you find the source of your breathing problems.  

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