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As important as mold testing and remediation are, it’s imperative that you take the time to research the mold inspection service you’ll be using. As a premier mold testing company in the Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas, Culley Enviro has years of reviews from the many customers we have helped with mold assessments and removal. Here are some of our favorites.

Lewis S.
Thanks Teresa for all your help! Appreciate the time spent on our project.

Christina N
Thank you all for the wonderful service!

Mary E
Teresa, You and Bob are awesome! Thank you for all the information.

Steven F
Culley Enviro is always very professional from large remediation projects to small laundry room floods. We have enjoyed their prompt response & professional approach to keeping our homes safe environmentally.

Deb C
Thank you so much for your prompt and professional assessment.

Carrie H
I have to say I was not sure what all to expect regarding this but your team has superseded my expectations. You all are so professional. I will definitely recommend your company/services to anyone I learn has this same condition! Thanks Again!!! Carrie

D Kaiser
Your crew does very good work. The devil is in the details. I used to manage remediations for several years as an MRC and I know how difficult it can be. I hope to work with you again in the future.

Patrick E
Thank you for taking the time to speak with me! I was a little lost on the process but understand it clearly now. Thank you for going thru the steps so we can understand the process and the Clearance info.

Zach M
Great news, thanks Teresa and Bob. Was very impressed with you guys throughout the process. Will hold on to your info and recommend to anyone that asks.

Dianne V.
Hi Bob and Teresa,
Thank you very much for coming on our radio show today. What a great show! We had fun and hope you enjoyed yourself too. You did a terrific job explaining all we need to know about mold and who to call if we have a problem. You really know your business and sounded like the professional we know you are. We also appreciate the time and effort you put into being our guest. I’m attaching the photos I took today as a memento for you. You can catch the show this Saturday at 6:00 PM on 570 KLIF or online at KLIF.com Next Tuesday the show will be available to download and listen to at http://www.c21bowman.com/radio_show/

Cathlin S.
Teresa with Cully Enviro was able to get out to our house pretty quickly which was great because we were worried about black mold. She was professional, friendly and very knowledgeable. Teresa took mold and air samples and visually inspected all other registers and kitchen/bath plumbing. She was pretty certain right away that our mold was NOT of the black mold type and the lab results (which came back 2 days later) confirmed that. Teresa discussed the lab results and answered more questions over the phone. While she was still at the house, she took readings on the indoor air that showed humidity at the uppermost limit of normal so she recommended that we have our A/C system checked out. We did that with the result being that coolant level was low (we had noticed that house wasn’t cooling that well but attributed it to 100-degree weather). Also we have never had air ducts cleaned (house is 16+ years old) so Teresa recommended that as well. For all the new information that we learned, as well as peace of mind, we felt that the service was worth it.

Rachael J.
Everything went great. No need for remediation and Mr. Culley has been responsive to many other questions asked by me.

Angie D.
Teresa and Mark were very professional and did an outstanding work.  It was very clean and thorough.  The General Contractor who came in afterwards to fix the drywall said “it was the best job he’d seen” and requested their contact information so he could refer them to future clients.

Tim C.
Performed a detailed analysis of the air quality in our house (built ’84) and was able to detect the possibility of any mold. Our house was clean and the inspector gave us pointers to help in maintaining the overall air quality. Great experience and highly recommend.

John Schadegg
Tested done as scheduled.   Spent 3 days spraying 3 different solutions under bldg. Tests after treatment good.

Lora S.
I discovered mold in our duct work and was concerned as I have never seen this before.  I called on a Saturday and spoke to Teresa who immediately alleviated my toxic mold fears just by asking a couple of questions.  I scheduled an appointment and she came out the following week right on time.  She inspected and took samples which came back within a couple of days.  She called me with the results and explained the findings as well as e-mailing me the information.  Very pleased with the professionalism.

Lisa H.
Bob was great. He came to the house listened to my concerns and the areas that I suspected, performed the test and got back to me quickly with the results. There was mold. He then prepared a remediation plan, provided several recommendations for remediation contractors. I was able to get several bids and Bob continued to follow up. The remediation contractor was wonderful. Once they were done Teresa with Culley Enviro came back to the house and performed the follow up test. I was very pleased with Bob and his team and would recommend them.

Dewey S.
Well worth every penny. The technician answered all my questions and did not leave until I was satisfied I had all the information I wanted.

John T.
My house flooded a few days after closing.   Pulling up the floors was pretty straightforward and I was more than comfortable tackling that project by myself.  Opening up the walls and mold remediation weren’t things I wanted to dive into based on internet research and YouTube videos.  I saw that Culley Enviro had numerous positives reviews and had a deal going.

Culley called back pretty quickly (same day)  after I purchased the deal (especially important for a scenario where mold might be present).  We set up an appointment and they provided me with some information and steps that I could take so that I would get the most out of the assessment.
On the date of the appointment,  Bob was at the door at the beginning of the appointment window.  Another company had missed their morning appointment window, and their tech was literally standing next to Bob when I opened the door.  Bob was patient and accommodating as I got the second tech started.
We did a thorough walk through of the house.  We discussed where the likely problem areas were,  how high to make the cut-line in the Sheetrock,  different methods/products for killing mold/spores, and PPE for contaminated debris removal.  We also discussed the scope of the project and the point at which professional remediation would be recommended.  I had a lot of questions, and Bob answered them all directly and to my satisfaction.   The thing that struck me about the appointment was that Bob was providing information as opposed to just selling various services.  We discussed the next steps and he encouraged me to give him a call if /when I had questions.

As I got into the project, I did have follow up questions.  I snapped some pictures with my phone and texted them to Bob.  Again, the response was quick and my questions were fully answered.  If I ever have mold issues again, this is the company I will contact for service.  I’d also be comfortable recommending this company to family/friends.

Joseph C.
Went well.  Professional Technician helped me and it was a pleasant experience.  I paid extra for an outside reference sample and an inside extra sample.  All was clear.  I was completely satisfied.

Phillip S.
Took mold sample and got it tested.  Teresa was great.  Very helpful.

Christine G.
We called Teresa and expressed concern that there’s mold growing in our bathroom baseboard behind the toilet and surrounding areas.  We had worked with them before for a mold remediation project in our kitchen due to water leak and damage.  They did such an incredible job (no hassle, no headache) and so smooth we wanted to hire them again if we needed another mold remediation, and to get an estimate on how much this would cost.  She arrived early as scheduled and examined our bathroom area, including adjacent room and closet using her moisture test.  She couldn’t find any moisture in the area that would pose a problem.  She suggested it’s most likely due to humidity or surface water that could easily be cleaned up.  She asked if there were any other mold issues around the house, and after inspection of our carpet, she gave clearance that everything is dry and there’s no moisture being read on her device.  It’s just surface wetness that can be easily remediated without her service.  I just appreciate her honest feedback.  Teresa is very trustworthy and truly cares.  She’s not there just to make money.  I appreciate the time and feedback she gave.  We expected this would be another mold remediation project that would cost a lot of money.  We are relieved that it’s not a major mold problem. She’s very professional, reliable, trustworthy, and friendly.

Andrew D.
Outstanding! Teresa came out to the house and assessed potential areas of concern for mold growth and also took humidity readings inside as well. She was on-time, professional, very knowledgeable, intelligent, honest, and fair. Teresa suggested remedies to alleviate minor humidity related issues in my house and how to move forward with addressing mold growth in the crawlspace. A follow-up email was also sent with details on mold remediation. Teresa went above and beyond and this was a very pleasant experience. I cannot say enough. If you think you are experiencing mold related issues at your house call Culley Enviro.

VICTOR and Carolyn S.
Short version: Culley Enviro made my short list of best companies to work with — ever. They take the safety and convenience of the home owner into consideration from the start.

Details: I called Culley Enviro to ask if they could detect what air quality issues might be around the house that could be aggravating my wife’s cough. Bob Culley brought out this amazing little air quality detector and scanned every room in the house. The only high reading came from the kitchen sink, where a small amount of mold was visible from the front side. When we cut out a small portion of the back of the cabinet, there was a heavy deposit of mold. Bob got on the phone and we were instantly on their work schedule.

Bob’s technician, Mark, came next day to seal off the sink area from the rest of the house with heavy plastic, and left an air scrubber machine to clean the air until he came back to kill the mold and perform the remediation. When Mark came back to do the remediation he worked non-stop for seven hours. He brought a second air scrubber to give the house an extra degree of protection from the mold spores, and he left the smaller unit in place over the weekend after their work was done.
I was responsible to put the area back in shape after their work was done, but that was clearly understood and agreed to before the work was started. Everything was explained beforehand at every step of the process, contracts and prices were presented, and there were no surprises. NO surprises! That is so refreshing when working with contractors around the house. I highly recommend Culley Enviro for any air quality jobs you might have.

Claudia F.
Excellent. We were given premier customer service. Teresa was on time. Did a great job at a fair price.
Mold encapsulating paint applied. Extensive consultation given to me on how to solve our problem, which was invaluable!

Caroline R.
It went very well.  Teresa was very friendly and thorough in her evaluation.  After the inspection, she sent me the report on time and complete with everything we discussed.  I would definitely use them again and recommend them to others.

Trudy C.
It was fine.  They were very professional.  They showed up when they were supposed to.  The workers wore hazmat suits.  They stayed in touch with me to let me know what was going on.  The price was reasonable.

Cyrus A.
They have been great to work with and have answered all my follow up questions without trying to sell me anything additional.

John M.
Culley came out to assess our air quality. Service was very informative and professional. We were prepared to pay more for an in depth evaluation but the tech said based on our initial assessment, it would probably not be needed. Great service and very trustworthy!

Ashley B.
Teresa is such a professional person and yet, you can tell she really does care about her customers.  She has helped us so much.  She gave me her personal number to call in case we found something unexpected when we opened up the wall to remove the moldy drywall.  I ended up having to call her late one Friday night because we did find some additional issues.  I sent her pictures and she got back with me on what she thinks should be done.  I feel almost bad because for about a hundred dollars we sure did get a lot.  If you are worried you have mold or have a moldy area that you can remediate, she will help you out the best.  She is not out to get your money, she wants to help you save money if she can.  Very rare.  Good luck!

Description of work:
Teresa inspected a moldy area upstairs for any moisture issues.  Using moisture meters, indoor air meters and an infrared camera. She then inspected the rest of the house for moisture issues in order to search for mold issues.  She also determined indoor air particulate using a meter for determining that number.  She also helped us out by making sure the flooring we were about to install had been acclimated.

Justine S.
Great job!  Put in a rush for the report too, since I needed it that same day to give to the mortgage people.  Description of work:  I had an emergency and needed them to come ASAP.  I called after their business hours and they called me bright and early to come to my rescue.  their mold inspector came out that same day.

Teresa showed up on time, was very knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional.  She saved us a lot of money by explaining that, since it was a small job, we could handle it ourselves.  She told us what to get and how to do the clean up ourselves.  We were very thankful that she provided this information and her time for free.  We would use this company if we needed their services in the future.

Amie P.
Teresa was early and very nice.  She inspected the 105 year old historic home with detail.  She got to know our situation and helped me apply what she taught me to future situations we might come up with.  I really appreciate this.

Linda K.
I cannot sing enough praises for this company. Bob Culley , the owner sat with me the first day to go over everything that would take place and explained what needed to be done.  My three grandbabies were coming in two weeks and my husband is weak with severe allergies and I was so worried about the remediation process. Bob stayed in contact with me every day on the progress and Teresa and all of the staff were very  friendly and courteous whenever I called about concerns or questions.  They wore protective suits and respirator masks, they kept the area very contained and kept the air scrubbers running the entire time.  They also let me keep the air scrubbers a couple extra days which I appreciated because of my grandkids and husband coming the following week and I wanted to make sure the air was healthy for them to breathe.  They took down every A/C register and hand cleaned each one, they painted the wooden studs with an antimicrobial sealer, they cleaned out the air ducts back to each AC unit (we have 3) and fogged the ducts and hand cleaned the entrance to the ducts.  When they were finished , everything was cleaned up and you could hardly tell they were ever there.  The price was very reasonable for everything they did.  They care about their clients and go the extra mile to make sure you are well taken care of.  If there was a grade higher than A+, that is what I would rate this company.

Description of work:
Black toxic Mold (Stachybotrys, Aspergillus and Chaetomium) was found in my den bathroom, the walls surrounding the bathroom and in my water heater closet that was behind the bathroom. Culley Enviro professionally removed all of the mold and damaged structures in the area and cleaned all the A/C ducts that went to my three A/C units. They used air scrubbers the during the entire process while doing the mold removal and while cleaning the A/C vents and ducts throughout the house.  They set up a containment area with PVC pipes and heavy duty plastic sheeting to keep any mold spores from entering the rest of the house. They also covered and taped the doors in the room and the return vents with plastic while working and had a zippered plastic door for exit and entry to the area. They did an excellent job keeping everything contained and worked very quick and efficiently.  You could tell they have done this before and are experts in the field of mold removal.

Debbie R.
We worked with Teresa, with Culley Enviro. She conducted our inspection and took test sample, from our HVAC vents where we had identified mold formation. Teresa provided great communication throughout the whole process, we always felt informed as to what the next step would be. The remediation team was very competent and friendly. My husband and I would highly recommend Culley Enviro.

Cindy K.
Guys were early, courteous and did a great job.

Nicole C.
The whole crew was always prompt, on time. Incredibly friendly & nice. Went over and above. When vacuuming up at the end I was not feeling well so instead of just vacuuming the work areas they did the whole house for me – LOVED working w/ them.

John H.
I can’t stress enough what a fantastic job they did. We had just moved into a new house and found out there was mold hidden behind a wall in the pantry and kitchen. It was very stressful to have to remove walls in a house that we had just bought. Culley Enviro treated us so well and made the process as easy as possible. They removed all shelves and cabinets very carefully and even placed everything in the garage in the order they took it out. This made our lives so much easier when reinstalling all the cabinets, shelves, and trim to have them all in order of removal. They were super clean in all their work as well. We were extremely impressed with how careful they were to not leave any mess while working and after leaving. Every step of the process was explained to us, and we got progress updates as they went. No surprises. They even asked us about our allergies and if we could possibly be having issues due to the mold. It turned out there were some allergies related to the mold that are now 100% gone with the mold removal. One of the workers Mark, even took the time to see how we felt while we was retrieving the final equipment from the house the weekend after the removal was complete. Great company. Great workers. We honestly feel like they gave us a good deal and did the work with thorough care.

Kitty C.
Bob Culley came out and did the assessment. He gave mother and me a lot of information that was very helpful. Bob said in an email that we could fix the problem and didn’t need remediation.

Lori R.
Very well. Teresa was punctual, friendly, and professional.  She directed and answered my main concern which is the type of black mold I have.  She called me less than 2 days, once the cultures had been developed, and explained that the mold I have is not black mold. Also checked the number of particles in the air in my home, to make sure it was within normal ranges. She also referred me to a company who could clean the vents and AC unit.  She made sure I knew I could choose any company I wished to use for cleaning.  That’s why I then check Angie’s List!

Christine G.
I contacted Teresa Gianopoulos from Culley Enviro about our mold damaged cabinets.  She is prompt, courteous, and professional. She came to our house and evaluated the damage.  She provided us with a mold remediation bid.  Our insurance adjuster gave us a very limited amount to replace damage, and did not include a professional mold remediation service.  When I told Teresa we couldn’t afford the service because insurance didn’t cover it, Teresa was understanding and provided suggestions on how to handle the mold, such as renting an air scrubber and setting up a containment when contractors are removing the damage.  She always responded to my calls and emails and answered any questions.  In the end, we decided to use their services (despite the expense) as we were concerned with our oldest son having mold allergy and respiratory problems.  We just couldn’t put a price on our health and wanted it done right. Teresa worked with our budget and scheduled us promptly for the kitchen mold remediation. Although it’s expensive to have it done professionally with a mold remediation company as opposed to just having a contractor take the moldy cabinets for less, we are happy with our decision. Teresa, Mark, and Mike are a super team.  They arrive on time for the project and called us ahead to announce their arrival each time.  This project took about 2 days to complete, and more (they left air scrubber to keep running after the project was complete).  You could tell they’ve done this a lot and they are experienced and knowledgeable.  They set up a containment and air scrubbers to keep the mold spores from spreading to other parts of our house. This was very important to us, especially due to our son’s allergy.  Mark and Mike were true professional from beginning to end from setting up containment, clearing the cabinets and debris, applying antimicrobial treatment/painting, to cleaning up inside the containment and even outside such as vacuuming our surrounding carpet.  They kept me informed throughout the process and were friendly and nice to work with.  We didn’t realize how much the mold extended through our kitchen and sheetrock and found a different set of mold behind our fridge from another leak.  They kept their original bid and didn’t charge me extra for additional mold that was uncovered.  Although there were many surprises along the way as they uncovered the damage, I never got any surprises from the team at Culley Enviro.  They kept running the air scrubbers for days to make sure any spores from the project were gone.  They were trustworthy, reliable, and dependable.  It is very stressful to have a kitchen leak that causes damage and mold.  But they made it as stress-free as possible for me and my family.  They were always on time and made the process as smooth as possible. They worked diligently until all signs of mold and damaged materials were gone.  Despite Mark and Mike working in a small containment that was hot and humid like a sauna, they were always pleasant and nice.  Teresa also checked in and visited the work area a couple times.  It is hard to find a team who are great at what they do, be caring and friendly, and deliver excellent service.  I would highly recommend them.

Janice Garrett
Provider was punctual, courteous and knowledgeable.

Josh A.
They were very professional and friendly.  They provided an honest estimate, timely service and kept me informed during the whole process.

Martin R.
Everything was great. They showed up on time and got everything done timely manner.

Rachel S.
All three employees came on time, worked diligently and were extremely informative and courteous.  They finished earlier than planned and cleaned up after themselves.

Kathleen R.
She was very helpful, explained that the situation was not as serious as I had anticipated and gave us ways to remedy the situation on our own.  We appreciated her feedback.

Cheng-Hue L.
The job was well done and good explanation of each process was given.

Jean A.
Careful and considerate workers. Did everything when and as they should. Very honest and professional company. Would highly recommend!

Jennifer C.
Everything was great!  Very professional, and workers were sure to keep work areas clean and clean up any dust/dirt that was accumulated while cleaning areas.  Very happy with the services provided.

Jeffrey S.
The inspector was timely, professional and appeared knowledgeable of the subject.

Debra S.
They went above and beyond.  Their customer service is far superior when it comes to taking care of the customer.  I am so happy I was referred to them.  I can’t Thank You enough for all you did for us.

Steve S.
They arrived on time and got straight to work. I was very concerned because mold can be hazardous. The representative eased my concerns and quickly made me more comfortable. The lab results were back very much sooner than I would have expected and they communicated with me throughout the process in a thoughtful and professional manor.  They were friendly, prompt and courteous. These folks really know what they’re doing!

Nancy M.
I called during non-business hours to leave a message, and was pleasantly surprised when the owner, Bob Culley, answered the phone. I explained my situation, and that I’d bought an inspection through Angie’s List. He was very pleasant, and he had Teresa follow up the next day to schedule an appointment. Because she had an earlier appointment in Arlington, she gave me a 30″ time frame. She called to tell me she was on her way, and again to tell me she was 5″ out, which I thought was extremely courteous. When she arrived, she explained some of what she needed to do. She was very professional and courteous, and I felt comfortable allowing her free rein of the house. She completed her work and explained her findings. She found no signs of mold. She offered some additional services which their company performs, but was not pushy, nor did I ever feel she was trying to up-sell me. I’m very pleased with their service, and recommend them highly.

Nan P.
This company is superior in their detail, responsiveness. and service.  They not only are efficient, but are kind and caring of your situation.  They are very, very clean and provide you with the least disruption as possible on a very serious situation.  An A rating is too low…….EXCEPTIONAL!!!

Dana B.
They cleaned out my air ducts and vent covers and they performed a mold test.  They were very thorough on the duct and vent cover cleaning. They were very friendly and didn’t mind our dogs sniffing through their equipment.  She was very informative about our mold problem, it was a small issue.  She even gave us information on how we can take care of it ourselves which we ended up doing because it was a small job.  We really appreciated their advice and professionalism.

Caroline B.
They were quick to respond, very knowledgeable, they explained everything to me and just very delightful to work with.

Linda A.
The highest quality of professionalism I have experienced in a long, long time.  Did exactly what they said they would do, when they said and how they said they would do it.  Top quality work.

Claudine B.
Teresa was very pleasant and reassuring as she performed her inspection. Fortunately, the instrument she used did not indicate that there was any moisture in the walls. Teresa was concerned about keeping the cost down for me since each sample sent to the lab was additional. So she recommended that she take a sample of the air between the shower and the back wall by removing the wall plate. She said that if there was a high mold count or moisture in between the walls, this might indicate a leak in the plumbing behind the shower.  Teresa knew I was under a tight timeline to learn the results and followed up with the lab. She sent me the results two days later and called to let me know that everything was in normal ranges.  So, no remediation work was required. Teresa suggested that I might be interested in getting the ducts and vents cleaned in the house, but there was no high pressure selling, which I appreciated. Throughout the process she was very professional, explained what she was doing and answered all my questions.

Brent M.
They showed up on time and were professional and courteous. The mold report was provided timely and they didn’t force any type of upsell, but instead offered reasonable advice.

Very thorough. Explained the necessary work involved. Area left clean and neat. Removed mold from hall closet, ceiling and wall in adjacent bedroom. Cleaned and scrubbed affected wood in attic.

Nicole H.
Excellent customer service and professionalism from entire team, clear contracts and pricing, efficient work process, clean job site.

Delia H.
Because we needed services done the next day ————–the company fit us into their schedule.  Since we are from out of town we were concerned but turnaround was excellent.  At the last minute they were able to perform the evaluation of mold in a home. Customer service was outstanding.

Trela W.
My tenant notified me that there was visible mold in the master closet of my rental property and requested that I have it tested. Culley Enviro was quick to respond to my request for an estimate for the testing process and was at my rental property within a couple of days. They conducted the testing and provide the results to me (again within a couple of days), without causing any undue worry on the part of my tenant. They also offered to review the reports with me, but the reports were very easy to understand, and I didn’t need a one-on-one review.  They provided a fast bid for remediation and were able to execute that work quickly as well. They again were very professional and my tenants felt safe and secure throughout the process, which was very important to me.  Culley Enviro was very responsive and helpful throughout the process. I would definitely use them again should the need arise.

Bradley B.
I have used their service multiple and they do a great job. I would highly recommend them. I know the owner and he is very customer oriented, friendly and easy to get along with and talk to.

Reed A.
They did a good job. Scheduling was quick. I was impressed with the technicians professionalism. They followed up with the results through email.

We purchased a deal for mold inspection and sample test with lab report. They were responsive and came out within two days of us purchasing the deal. It was a good service. It was one person who came and he completed the mold testing in about a half hour.

Patrick D.
They were great to deal with. I was impressed with how knowledgable and prompt they were. They were able to complete the work within a few days because they had to remove the mold and then air it out.  Description of work: I was having remodeling done and the remodelers found some mold. Culley came out to fix the mold.

Carmen P.
They were very helpful since the moment I called them. He provided me with some hints over the phone to avoid charging me for a service not needed. I decided to go ahead and get the test done. They came the same day I called and I had the results the following day.  I would definitely recommend them.

Michael B.
They did a great job. Responsive and thorough.

Nicole V.
We bought an Angie’s List coupon.  They were very punctual; we were able to get in touch with them immediately and set an appointment for the next day.  There was nothing negative.

Mike E.
They were professional. Completed in the time they anticipated. It was just not fully explained to us that they don’t repair the hole they create when removing the mold. We had to hire someone else, costing us more than we anticipated. Other companies include remediation from start to finish in their costs.

Barbe B.
They came out the very next day. I didn’t pay more than what the deal was for. They didn’t do the lab testing, but that was kind of agreed on. It wasn’t needed. I didn’t choose to use them for the removal, because they didn’t do the entire thing. They were quite informative. He was very friendly and professional and everything good. He was extremely knowledgeable about mold remediation.

Bruce B.
They were completely straight forward with what they did do.  They honored the price that they quoted.  I had a small leak behind my shower faucet that created a mold issue.  He answered all my questions and said he would check it out and address the problems.  After they removed the mold, they coated the area with a chemical that would hinder more mold from growing.  Afterwards, there was still a smell. They came back and took all the smell away for no charge.

Alex D.
It went well. They followed up and communicated really well as far as when they came out and the timeline. They also met expectations well.

Christine G.
Teresa scheduled our appointment quickly.  She was friendly, professional, and prompt.  She maintained communication with me throughout the process.  They provided the service and results in a timely manner.

Munira S.
Teresa was wonderful. She got back to me right away and was able to do the mold inspection the next day. The lab results came back within 24 hours. Since we’re under contract on the house, it was imperative that we got our mold inspection done & received results fairly quickly. Teresa followed up with recommendations for remediation. It was a relief to know that the bathroom mold was not dangerous and commonly found in the environment. Good job Teresa!

Candie N.
I was very pleased with the service performed by Culley Enviro.  They were timely, responsive to questions, thorough and professional.

I contacted Culley Enviro prior to purchasing the Angie’s List “Big Deal” to make sure it was what I needed.  They were responsive, punctual and friendly.  After going through the whole mold process I now feel I should have been counciled towards an air quality inspection rather than a spot mold test.  However, at the time I did not have the knowledge to ask the right questions.  I got exactly what I purchased and had the results back on time so I would recommend Culley.

Shirley B.
On time- Called before and after job was completed.  Always kept me informed.  Report was concise and in language one could understand.

Manuel S.
They came look at the problem gave me an estimates did the work. I am very satisfied.

Lori F.
I was happy with their estimate and hired them to do the job. The only thing they didn’t do though was the rebuild. They recommended a carpenter, he came out and did his own estimate (which was another $550).  Culley Enviro came that morning, did the mold removal, which was minor (under 25 sq. ft.). I did have to wait for the carpenter, he got most of the work done that day.

Stacey & Paul S.
I thought they were professional and they did a good job and did what they said they were going to do!