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When many people see black mold growing, they are mostly concerned by the appearance of it. If a certified mold inspector shows pictures of different types of mold, they usually always prefer the one that has colonized the smallest patch, or one that is the least concentrated.

But it’s not necessarily the mold itself that’s the biggest problem. Touch it and you might not suffer any effects; the real problem is that you’re disturbing the mold and releasing the real problem: mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are toxic substances that are released by a fungus, and it can cause serious health problems for those in the population who are susceptible to it. Unfortunately, touching it isn’t the only way that the toxins are released; the mold will eventually release it whether it’s disturbed or not. You need a mold specialist to come into your home or office and mitigate the problem.

If you lived during the time of the Black Death, it’s wasn’t the rats that you had to be afraid of, or even the fleas they carried. It was the Yersinia pestis bacterium that was in the gut of the fleas. Similarly, the mold itself isn’t directly making you sick; it’s what they’re producing. But you need to get rid of the mold to reduce the risk of sickness, and that means calling a mold inspection company who is using the best practices available. Contact Culley Enviro today!