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You might not think that you have to worry about black mold here in Crowley, Texas. After all, it was Crowley, Louisiana that flooded during recent hurricanes, not our Texas community. Even if Hurricane Harvey brought a bit more rain than usual, rain from floodwaters wasn’t something that most of us had to deal with.

But black mold takes advantage of any moist situation, whether it’s from a dishwasher that overflowed onto the kitchen floor or a dank basement that always has that musty smell. Once black mold (aka toxic mold and more technically called Stachybotrys chartarum) takes hold, people in the house could start suffering mild to severe allergic reactions ranging from coughing to sneezing, itchy eyes to watery noses. Even worse, black mold mycotoxins could cause depression, dizziness, memory loss, and confusion for anyone in the building.

With so many medical issues caused by toxic mold, you shouldn’t put off calling a mold inspection service to find out if black mold removal is in your immediate future.

Where Did The Mold Come From?

No matter how the water got into your home, mold can take advantage of it. While floodwaters often scoop up black mold spores from the ground and transport them into to a home or business, spores are also airborne and can be blown in through a door or window.

Black mold prefers to feed and reproduce in the dark, which means that it’s often behind walls. The most common food source for black mold is the wood frame of buildings, those 2’ by 4’s and 1’ by 6’s used to create the skeleton of a home. Black mold also loves the paper backing used to keep drywall sturdy.

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Black mold can be dangerous, and leaving it alone won’t make it go away. Contact Culley Enviro for the most thorough mold testing and removal if you suspect you might have mold in your Crowley, TX home or office.