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When most people think of black mold or toxic mold, they often imagine the greenish-black mold that grows after a home has been flooded. While that’s certainly the most obvious reason a house needs black mold removal, there are other water sources — musty basements, leaky pipes, and missing roof shingles — that could cause water to enter a house and invite mold. All of these could lead to a need for mold inspection, testing, and removal.

The most common form of toxic mold in the Willow Park area is black mold, aka Stachybotrys chartarum. At its worst, black mold can cause serious problems in the brain due to the neurotoxins that it releases. This can mean a person can be suffering from memory loss, dizziness, confusion, and even depression simply because black mold spores are flying through the HVAC system.

Even more common problems from black mold are the allergic reactions that people have to it. These include itchy eyes, rashes, irritated sinuses, and breathing difficulties. Anyone with pre-existing breathing problems could actually suffer dangerous reactions. Even if you can’t see any black mold in your building, a mold air test from Culley Enviro can verify its presence.

How Mold Gets Started

Most types of mold are harmless, but black mold plagues humans who live and work in a space it inhabits. Black mold feeds on cellulose, and that includes the wooden frames and drywall used to construct most buildings. (While the mold can’t feed on the gypsum in drywall/sheetrock, it loves the organic paper backing.)

Of course, black mold also needs a water source. It could be floodwaters, but it might also start from a window that was left open during a big storm. The air current brings in the rain and the mold spores, and then mold starts to eat at the organic material in the carpet. The humidity we experience in the Willow Park area doesn’t allow the carpet to dry completely, and the mold thrives and reproduces.

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Whether you’re experiencing strange medical problems in your home or fear the mold that might have taken hold after a water issue, a mold air test should be in your future. To find out what mold inspection costs, contact Culley Enviro today!