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If you ask most people if they’ve had a significant water problem in their house, they’ll say “no.” After all, they don’t live near rivers, nor have they experienced a flash flood that caused water to come through their door. But many people forget about the time that their toilet backed up, the kitchen sink overflowed, or that time the shower door wasn’t closed and the floor was constantly sprayed for 15 minutes. If the water gets into carpet or under a hardwood floor, black mold could infest a house.

Black mold shouldn’t be taken lightly. Most people are allergic to it to some degree, and reactions include those commonly associated with seasonal allergies. Unfortunately, reactions to black mold can stick around all year long, causing people to cough, sneeze, and have respiratory problems. Black mold can also affect the brain with the mycotoxins it releases, causing dizziness, confusion, memory loss, and depression.

If we have your attention, you’re probably wondering how black mold got into your home and what you can do about it. Will you need mold inspection and removal?

How Toxic Mold Gets Started

Black mold is a toxic mold, called Stachybotrys chartarum in scientific circles. The most extreme cases of black mold show up in homes that have recently flooded. Black mold needs moisture and cellulose to survive, and the paper reinforcement on the outside of drywall is one of its favorite foods. Black mold spores can also grab onto the wood framing of buildings and grow. Black mold likes cool, dark places best, which means that it can often grow behind walls. That’s why a mold air test is the best way to determine if mold removal is in your future.

Other water incidents can also cause black mold to grow. Carpet contains cellulose as well, so black mold can grow in carpet that’s left wet for too long. The high-humidity we experience here in Euless during certain parts of the year doesn’t help.

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