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North Texas might not have the levels of rain associated with the amount seen on the Gulf Coast, but that doesn’t mean that Duncanville is immune from heavy rains. Sometimes a house can flood because of an overflowing canal, while other times the carpet can become sopping wet simply because of a window left open during a storm. Unfortunately, both situations can invite mold into a home.

Toxic mold, often called black mold or by its scientific name Stachybotrys chartarum, is a bigger problem than most people realize. Black mold in the home can travel through the HVAC system and affect every room, causing the occupants to have allergic reactions such as sneezing, coughing, wheezing, and eye and nasal irritation. Even worse, toxic mold releases mycotoxins, neurotoxins that can cause memory loss, depression, and confusion.

With so many health problems associated with mold, you’re probably wondering how to confirm you have it. A mold air test performed by a mold specialist is the first place to start.

How Does Mold Grow?

Far too many people will have a water incident and then simply hope that nothing will come of it. It could be an overflowing toilet, a leaky roof, or a clogged dishwasher hose. Unfortunately, the high humidity in the Duncanville area means that wet areas have a hard time drying out and produce a prime place for toxic mold to grow.

Mold eats anything with cellulose, and the most common place you’ll find it is on the paper backing of drywall, aka plasterboard or sheetrock. Cellulose is also found in the wood framing of most buildings. A slamming door, a gentle wind, or a jumping child can all be enough to shake the house and dislodge mold spores, sending them flying through the ductwork.

Mold also likes it dark, which means that it’s often on the inside of walls. It can grow and grow and you’ll never know it until you have a home mold inspector perform an air test.

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