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The day you find black mold in your home is a heartbreaking experience. If you’re home experienced flooding, shouldn’t the worst of it be over once the floodwaters have receded? Or if you experienced a burst pipe, shouldn’t getting it fixed and mitigating the water have put your problems to an end? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and professional mold testing might just be in your future.

Most people know just what a difficult situation black mold causes for those who are living in the house. The most common health concern is an allergic reaction that resembles seasonal allergies: coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and even rashes. These problems are especially severe in anyone who already has a breathing problem such as asthma. Health problems can be even more insidious, and toxic mold can cause headaches, memory loss, confusion, and even depression. If you’re experiencing any of these problems, mold inspection might be the first step to solving them.

How Does Black Mold Work?

Mold spores are all around us, and most of them are harmless. When they find moisture, they start to reproduce. In most cases all you have to do is throw out the loaf of bread and be on your way.

But there’s one that’s called black mold or toxic mold, and its technical name is Stachybotrys chartarum. This type of mold loves water and typically shows up after a flood. Black mold feeds on cellulose, and unfortunately a great deal of most houses are filled with this organic material. Components of drywall are made from cellulose, as are the wood frames of nearly every house. Most carpet is also filled with cellulose.

While black mold is visible, not every case of it is so obvious. Black mold can start to grow in darker areas, and that often means the backside of drywall or in the carpet. You might not be able to see it at all, and that’s where professional mold inspection comes in.

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