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Have you been feeling a bit off lately every time you enter your home? Maybe your self-diagnosed seasonal allergies only occur when you’re at home, or your mind seems a bit clouded once you get home from work? If so, you’ll certainly want to get a home mold inspection performed.

Stachybotrys chartarum, better known as black mold, can cause a host of health problems in those who are susceptible to its mycotoxins. Some are annoying, such as coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, and wheezing. Of course, these are much worse in someone who has a pre-existing breathing problem. Black mold can also cause surprising health problems, such as dizziness, memory loss, confusion, and depression. This toxic mold is something you don’t want to ignore.

Even if you don’t think that your home has suffered from water damage recently, a musty basement or a leak in the attic could encourage mold growth. In addition, the humidity we have in Benbrook doesn’t help matters. You might have mold, and a home mold inspector can verify your problem.

How Black Mold Gets Into A Benbrook Home

Any home that has a supply of moisture and cellulose can become a place where black mold thrives. Homes that have been flooded are at the highest risk, as flooding provides the water and brings in the mold spores at the same time. But any source of moisture can give the mold the water it needs to survive.

Where does it get its food? Anything containing cellulose can feed mold and give it the energy it needs to reproduce. The most common types of cellulose it feeds on is the paper in drywall (sheetrock) and the wood frames of homes. Black mold, which is technically greenish-black, can appear either wet or dry…but that’s only if you see it. It loves to hide behind walls, which means a mold air test is the best way to verify its presence.

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